17 November 2005

Question: how to moisten tobacco?

Brian writes: I am in need of a little bit of advice. I roll my own these days, being the only way I can afford to keep smoking, but the tobacco is getting very dry. What can I use to moisten it? I have tried a small piece of potato skin but maybe I used too much, it was then too wet. Any ideas/suggestions very much appreciated.


At 17/11/05 20:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard that a lettuce leaf is a good way to keep the tabacco moist.

At 21/11/05 22:25, Anonymous Soren said...

I do not suggest using plants for this moistening. They leave odors and taste. Instead get one of those fibre felt wipe cloths, and scissor off a corner. Dip in water and squeeze so that it is only moist. Put this little miniature cloth into the pouch of tobacco. Leave until the tobacco is moist.

At 26/11/05 00:26, Anonymous idlex said...

My solution to this problem is to briefly (5 seconds) steam the tobacco over a boiling kettle spout. It's very quick, but very easy to overmoisten.

At 1/12/05 14:48, Blogger Brian said...

Many thanks to all who replied, all ideas/suggestions are being tried


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